VO2max explained. Why it's so important?

VO2max explained. Why it's so important?

Personalization and precision in programming yield results. That’s because no two bodies are the same, so accounting for interindividual particularities can make the difference between success and failure in achieving better health.

High metabolism and cardiorespiratory fitness are the hallmarks of reversing aging and keeping chronic disease at bay. Specifically, according to the American Heart Association, VO2max is the strongest predictor of the quality and length of life. To understand why let’s look at how VO2max is calculated.


VO2max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can absorb measured in millimeters per minute per kilogram of body weight. The numerator is the volume of oxygen your heart, lungs, and blood circulation absorb, the denominator is your body weight.

A healthy heart, lungs, and blood set ensure that the volume of oxygen absorbed is high (i.e., high numerator). Low body weight ensures that the volume of oxygen absorbed is delivered to a smaller body mass. The combination of the two (i.e., high numerator, low denominator) increases the value of the ratio.

But how are respiratory fitness and body weight related to chronic disease and quality of life?
The four conditions accounting for 90+% of chronic disease, premature deaths, and exorbitant health costs are obesity, lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes. High metabolism is the most potent shield against obesity and diabetes since the latter is almost always a byproduct of excess weight. High cardiorespiratory fitness is the most potent shield against heart and lung disease. As a result, a high VO2max ensures you’re adequately protected against all conditions threatening longevity and healthy aging.

Our testing method and personalization has been shown to deliver meaningful positive change in all these vital areas. Specifically, people who adhered to the program the most attained a 21.1% increase in metabolism and 18.4% in cardiorespiratory fitness.

The combined effect of these changes led to an increase of 2.6 MET in VO2max, which corresponds to a reduction in biological age by 6.6 years.

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